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A holding company for businesses in web, tech, music, travel and more.

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Operations Support

  • Our infrastructure, team and resources allow us to support new and perspective start-ups when they need a reliable technology partner, customer service, mentoring or other business operations support.
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  • Our cross-skilled in-house teams use third party as well as proprietary technologies to build and develop complex platforms and sites, consumer and enterprise web tools, mobile apps and games, IoT and more as our subsidiaries.
Our Projects

Running Green

  • We are proud that our servers in the UK and EU run entirely on electricity from renewable sources. And in the US, our data centre is powered solely by wind energy for guilt free innovation.

Flagship Projects

Our Values

Flexibility is at the core of what we do. We embrace new technologies to stay at the cutting edge of our everchanging world.
Innovation not only keeps our services up to date with the latest developments in technology, it also drives our sustainability initiatives.
Ambition makes our business tick. We only work with the most ambitious talent to develop and lead our innovative products and services.
Uniqueness is defined as being one of a kind, having no like or equal, or parallel. This applies to both, our business and people.
What we do